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Hand Held Core Drill Motor DMP-162P


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Hand Held Core Drill Motor DMP-162P

Hand Held Core Drill Motor DMP-162P

DMP-162P max core drilling diameter 162mm lightweight portable concrete diamond core drill motor with 3 variable speeds.

  • Hangzhou Bycon core drill motor DMP-162P is designed for discerning contractors and wholesalers in professional markets. 2200W powerful but compact, suitable for wet or dry core drilling. 1 1/4" UNC (M) and 1/2" BSP (F) spindle can accept most core drill bit in European markets.

    Main features:

    1. 3-speed gear regulation: variable speed for drilling concrete core in various diameter. 650/1300/2600RPM for choice. No load speed 650RPM for max.162mm in concrete and max.202mm in brick, No load speed 1300RPM for max. 82mm in concrete, max.102mm in brick,  No load speed 2600RPM - max.42mm in concrete, max. 62mm in brick.
    2. Two operation methods: only 7.5KG, free-hand operation. Or fix to drill rig through 60mm bracket.
    3. Adjustable front handle: easy to loosen handle.
    4. Soft start for protection: this model has Soft Start inside. The motor will start gradually under its control, after that the motor up to no load speed in a few seconds. The other function is to avoid current from over-loading in drilling when core bits meet hard material.
    5. PRCD fitted for production: It will help when turn on the motor. Besides, it will protect core drill motor in electric leaking or in unsteady voltage situation.
    6. Mechanical slipping clutch equipped: to ensure safety as much as possible.
    7. External carbon brushes: operators can change carbon brushes easily, no need to disassemble motor.
    8. Magnesium shell: to reduce weight and would be more comfortable for the operator.
    9. Oil level indicator: can check if the oil is enough or not visually.

    DMP-162P Hand Held Portable Concrete Diamond Core Drill Motor
  • Model


    Art number


    Input power


    Output power



    220V, 50HZ / 110V, 60HZ

    No load speed


    Max.ø concrete


    Max.ø brick


    Spindle thread

    1/2" BSP (F); 1 1/4"-7 UNC (M)



  • Optional Accessories for DMP-162 Series

    Seq Name Picture
    1 Slurry Collectors Slurry Collectors
    2 Gardena Connector Gardena Connector
    3 Extension Rod
    4 10L Water Tank 10L Water Tank
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