• Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
    Lunar May, the rainy season start in the south china, the sky seems to shed all its tears for a poet called Qu Yuan. Lunar May, the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, dragon boat, Zongzi.... We remember a poet named Qu Yuan....Bycon, as a modern enterprise, rooted in traditional Chinese cult
  • We Never Slack Off in Our Pursuit of Excellence
    Quality is the life of an enterprise, BYCON knows this. At the beginning we put quality in the first place, and the quality management is the implementation of quality. In May, we usher in the annual ISO audit. We never slack off in our pursuit of excellence!


AS a customer-oriented company, we try to put ourselves in customer's position and carry out daily operations in an efficient manner.
To us, sold machines is not the end of the deal but the start of a partnership and friendship.

● A well organized the professional sales-support team
● Export to more than 40 countries
● OEM orders and customers' drawing are welcome
● Up to 1-year quality warranty
● Quick response
● Rapid parts supply for after service



Acceptance of Orders
All orders are subject to acceptance by BYCON and shall be binding only when accepted in signature and stamp. 

Warranty Info

We love our manufacturer's and stand with them in providing you the best in warranty coverage. 
BYCON warrants all of its diamond tools and equipment against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment to Customer.  If you have a problem with your products that is caused by a manufacturer's defect,then BYCON will replace that item with a new one FREE OF CHARGE.
The warranty process may require that the item be sent to the manufacturer or a certified service center for inspection. In most cases, warranty claims must be filed by the customer directly with the manufacturer.
Determination of the applicability of any warranty claim will be made after the product is inspected by our Warranty Claims Department. The warranty does not cover any tool which is determined to have been used in an improper application, subjected to negligent abuse, improperly mounted, altered, involved in a non-application accident or miscellaneously damaged. The responsibility of BYCON under this Warranty is limited to repair or replacement at our option. 



List prices, specifications, designs, images, terms, and discounts are subject to change without notice. All prices are in U.S. dollars. 

To us, your satisfaction is our final purpose.

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