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Bycon also specialized in petrol tools under brand Thrall. Our main products include petrol post driver, petrol jack hammer and petrol hammer drill. It is absolutely necessary equipment for gardening, construction and other light projects.
Our products manufactured on the principle of lightweight, powerful and reliable. Products quality and your satisfaction are our final aims.


There are 4 models of gasoline powered post drivers for different post sizes. If you want to do fencing, making a tent, drive pipes... do those home or construct jobs, then you could always get the best choice from us.


DPD-80, 20-80mm, the most compact and lightest one, for DIY market and e-commercial shops.

DPD-100, 20-100mm, the hot-sell model for vineyard, sheep fence, timber etc...

DPD-100N, post driver for marquee design specially.

DPD-120, heavy duty model, suitable to big posts more than 100mm.


Secondly, petrol jackhammer, designed according to transformers. As a professional contractor, you will like its appearance, the charm its shimmered and the most important is its power to breaking and destroying.


Petrol hammer drill with 2-functions of drilling and crushing. It is a portable and light machine. 

Do not miss it this time, it is an ideal choice for road crushing, drilling, bridge building.


In fact, you won't find another company that has spent more time engineering the best petrol tools in the industry. We do it earlier than most Chinese suppliers.

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