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  • 2020 Bycon First Technical Learning

    In past years, BYCON group gain great success in its distributor network establishment, marketing plan implement and enterprise internal management. We strongly believe there will be a more united and more harmonious society after COVID-19 end up and will have more connection with the world.

  • 1st Anniversary Celebration Of BYCON Day

    The story began in November 20th, 2018, when Damon Chen (General Manager of BYCON) decided to move the whole company to a new site, aiming for better opportunities of BYCON brand and also, considering this time’s relocating as a way to expand as well.

  • 2019 BYCON's Company Trip to Gorgeous Qinghai

    Qinghai, “big, bold and beautiful barren” as described in Lonely Planet travel guide which is dubbed as thebackpacker's blue bible, at the end of August with more ideal temperature and less visitors, finally had the blue flag of BYCON waving from it's capital Xining to China's mirror of the sky: Chaka Salt Lake.



Damon Chen
General Manager/Sales Director
Damon has more than 10 years experience in the Diamond Tool and Construction industry.
For the past years, Damon devotes to the marketing research and new products development. He believes the new concept products is the only way to survive in this field. Brave, Young, Communication, Innovation, Non-stop is the original intention of Damon to establish the BYCON. He is keen to guide BYCON to be the only professional IDEA FACTORY in this field in China.
A passionate person with a penchant for innovation and excellence.

Zhang Long
Zhang has 15 years experience in developing the petrol tools during his career. Zhang has strict demands on the reasonability of the structure, function and user's experience of a new product development till to launch. He insists on independent innovation products to replace the COPY of big brand which gives a strong base support for the IDEA FACTORY of BYCON.

Amy Yao

Sales Executive(Europe, South America)
Amy has more than 10 years experience in small construction machinery industry.
Amy focuses on the customers' experience by her professional product knowledge and customer communication & service.
Her most major role is the national distributors' sales manager responsible for bulk sales across a diverse product range, leading efforts to capitalize on long-term growth opportunities with key customers.

Xu Haigang
Production director
Xu has more than 20 years experience in processing all kinds of parts by CNC machinery center.
He has four years' experience in drawing.
He has been developing and designing products for five years and has manage Workshop for more than 10 years
He has a strict demand in surface treatment, parts processing, painting, assembling, etc., which is a guarantee for the perfect quality of BYCON products.
Simon Xu

Sales Executive(Australia,New Zealand,North America)
Simon has 5 years experience in diamond tools and construction industry.
Simon keep learning and growing which represents the enthusiasm and young of BYCON.
His most major role is the national retail sales manager responsible for retail salesacross a diverse product range, leading efforts to capitalize on long term Growth opportunities with key customers. 


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