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Sawing And Grinding

    Q What Are The Important Details In Selecting A Blade/Grinding Wheel And Shoes?

    A There are lots of things to be concerned with when purchasing a blade/grinding wheel and shoes.
    The right blade/grinding wheel and shoes makes a job much easier.
    A) Bond Specs – How the diamonds are bonded to the diamond tools is important. A soft bond is good for hard materials (concrete, pavers, granite, etc), and a hard bond is good for abrasive materials (asphalt, limestone green concrete, cinder block, etc). Using the incorrect bond will greatly decrease your tools life.
    B) Saw Horsepower - Make sure your diamond tools is rated for the horsepower on your saw. This detail is often overlooked. A saw that has too much horsepower will use up a tool prematurely.  
    C) Cooling Technique - Will you cool the diamond tools with water or air? We suggest water. Make sure you have enough. If you use air you must allow the tool to cool every few feet of cut by running it at full speed outside of the cut.
    D) diamond tools Life vs Cutting Speed - Typically, there is an inverse relationship between cutting speed and life. If the operator makes a change, such as increasing cutting pressure to make a blade cut faster, blade life will tend to be shortened as a result. Likewise, if an operator wants to extend the blade's life, he can reduce cutting pressure and cut slower.


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