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  • Qing Ming Festival
  • IHF 2024 IN Cologne
    On March 3rd, IHF was held as scheduled in Cologne, Bycon team welcomed friends to visit our booth, we brought a full range of products, core drilling motor, floor grinder, post driver, diamond tool.
  • A Business Odyssey Across Europe
    In the heart of Europe's bustling markets, amidst the tapestry of cultures and commerce, a journey unfolds—a voyage brimming with promise and purpose. From the vibrant tulip fields of Holland to the historic streets of Belgium, through the industrious landscapes of Germany, and into the dynamic mark


    Q What Are The Important Details In Selecting A Blade/Grinding Wheel And Shoes?

    A There are lots of things to be concerned with when purchasing a blade/grinding wheel and shoes.
    The right blade/grinding wheel and shoes makes a job much easier.
    A) Bond Specs – How the diamonds are bonded to the diamond tools is important. A soft bond is good for hard materials (concrete, pavers, granite, etc), and a hard bond is good for abrasive materials (asphalt, limestone green concrete, cinder block, etc). Using the incorrect bond will greatly decrease your tools life.
    B) Saw Horsepower - Make sure your diamond tools is rated for the horsepower on your saw. This detail is often overlooked. A saw that has too much horsepower will use up a tool prematurely.  
    C) Cooling Technique - Will you cool the diamond tools with water or air? We suggest water. Make sure you have enough. If you use air you must allow the tool to cool every few feet of cut by running it at full speed outside of the cut.
    D) diamond tools Life vs Cutting Speed - Typically, there is an inverse relationship between cutting speed and life. If the operator makes a change, such as increasing cutting pressure to make a blade cut faster, blade life will tend to be shortened as a result. Likewise, if an operator wants to extend the blade's life, he can reduce cutting pressure and cut slower.
  • Why Does The Circuit Protector On My Core Drill Keep Shutting Off?

    Most likely this is happening because you are using the wrong size extension cord. We always recommend using a 2.5MM2 extension cord.
  • Is The Diameter Of Your Bits Id (inside diameter) Or Od (outside diameter)?

    All of our bits are od (outside diameter). The majority of our customers are concerned with the size of the hole they have after drilling. A few of our customers are concerned about the core sample that they pull out. For those customers the general rule of thumb is add 1/4" to the od to get your id (ex: 6 1/4" od bit will give you about a 6" core sample). It's important to understand not all bits are made the same and there can be some variance.

  • Can I Use My Drill Stand To Fit Your Drill Motor/Drill Motor To Fit Your Drill Stands? is no problem,our standard drill motor/drill stands with same hole distance as the WEKA,Cardi,Dr.Bender.
  • How Many Holes Can I Drill Out Of One Bit?

    It is impossible to say how many holes you will get out of a bit.  There are several factors beyond our control that impact bit performance. 
    They include:
    A) Speed – If the speed is too high the bit will glaze. If the speed is too low the job will take too long.
    B) Water – Not too little and not too much. The right amount removes slurry and keeps the cut clean.
    C) Steel – Slows the cutting process. Maintaining drill motor speed is important. Don't push the bit too hard! Maintain a consistent speed.
    D) Bond Specs – How the diamonds are bonded to the barrel is important. A soft bond is good for concrete, and a hard bond is good for asphalt. Using the incorrect bond will greatly decrease your bit life.
    E) Proper Alignment – This means the rig must be properly anchored. A rig can be anchored with concrete anchors, vacuum base or post jack. Standing on the rig is dangerous and not acceptable.
    F) Operator Experience - An experienced operator knows how to get the most out of a bit!

  • What Points Need To Be Confirmed Before Placing The Order?

    Voltage and frequency,Plug type. 
  • What Is The Delivery Time?

    Normally 15-30days after payment in general condition. 
  • Could I Order Trail Small Order?

    Yes,we have no MOQ for standard version products. The price is different from different order quantity. 
  • Could I Paint My Own Colour?

    Yes,As long as the order quantity reach to the MOQ. 
  • Could I Put My LOGO On It?

    Yes,As long as the order quantity reach to the MOQ. 


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