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DFG-250 10'' 250mm Concrete Grinding Machine Epoxy Removal Floor Grinder Polisher


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EXHIBITION Information

  • The Big 5 Show Dubai 
    Nov 25-28,2019
    Booth No:Z1E138
  • World of Concrete Asia
    December 11-13, 2019
    Booth No.: W5E12
DFG-250 10'' 250mm Concrete Grinding Machine Epoxy Removal Floor Grinder Polisher

DFG-250 10'' 250mm Concrete Grinding Machine Epoxy Removal Floor Grinder Polisher

Concrete floor grinder DFG-250 is the floor grinding and polishing machine with the industry standard.

  • It is designed for grinding concrete and stone materials, make your work in a cost-efficient way to meet your different requirement job. It is designed for fast removal of coatings and refurbishment of the concrete floor. This floor grinding machine can be fixed with 250mm grinding heads directly, and also can be fixed with Redi-lock diamond grinding shoes via a converter.

    This machine also has a wet port to adding water which makes wet grinding come true. Removable dust shroud and plastic dust collection will keep the working environment clean.

    The switch is an over-current protection unit with an adjustable over-current setting value from 9A to 14A. Vacuum cleaner port and water pipe port designed for dry and wet grinding, it will keep the working environment clean.

    Main features:
    1. Folding handle: there is a position claw to adjust the handle height. This ergonomic device makes the product structure more compact in structure and more convenient in transportation. Also easy to operator for different operators with different stature.
    2. Detachable dust shroud: good for edge grinding.
    3. Waterport: there is a water port in floor grinder, if you prefer wet grinding, you also can get it in this machine.
    4. Level bubble equipped: to check if the grinding machine is in level state or not. Horizontal adjustment is easy to use.
    5. More user-friendly: Easy to manipulate, maximum its power to grinding heads, minimum vibrations and with a lot of features to ensure safety.
    6. Versatility for more diamond tools: 250mm grinding heads can be accepted directly. Additional diamond tools also can be assembled through converter.

  • Model


    Art number



    2200W(3HP) / 1100W (1.5HP)


    220V,50HZ / 110V,60HZ

    Motor speed

    1410RPM / 1710RPM

    Plate type

    Standard 250mm plate or cub shoes



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