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Points for Attention in Road Roller Moving with Vibration

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The machine has no vibration function in the "precise moving" mode. When the vibration is turned on, the pulley vibrates with the vibrator. This vibration effect increases the compressive strength of the machine on the pavement material. There are two amplitude choices and different vibration frequencies corresponding to different amplitudes.

The vibration system is controlled by Hammtronic to obtain a stable vibration frequency. The vibration frequency is set by the fine-tuning switch. The engine speed changes caused by external reasons will be calculated and compensated by the control system to obtain a stable vibration frequency.

The following items should be paid attention to during moving with vibration:

1. Do not turn on vibration near buildings and bridges, because vibration may cause damage to these facilities.

2. Before starting the vibration, it should be confirmed that there are no underground pipelines such as water, gas, cables and sewage pipes, etc. Vibration are also easy to damage these facilities or even lead to explosion.

3. The vibration of the steel wheel will reduce the adhesion of the steel wheel to the ground. Therefore, when handling hard ground or passing through the ramp, the machinery may slip or even tip over due to vibration.

4. When a large amount of compaction is required in earthwork, the machine should pass through the compacted material at a slower speed and at an appropriate frequency.

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