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floor saw for sale

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At present, with the improvement of people's living standard, floor is used to decorate rooms. In order to achieve sustainable development, artificial composite floor is now replacing solid wood floor in large quantities to ensure forest coverage. However, due to the poor texture of the artificial composite floor, waste wood or fast-growing forest is currently used to manufacture all-wood composite floor. In order to smooth the floor when laying, the floor is spliced by tongue and groove, which can be spliced in whole in most areas of the room. However, the two ends of the room may need to be sawed off because the whole floor is too long.

Since the area needed to lay the floor is generally large, it requires a lot of labor to cut off by saws. It will seriously affect the construction progress, and cutting with saw has very loud noise and dust generated by cutting, and it requires electricity which is very unsafe. Therefore, it is urgent to develop a cutting machine that can quickly cut off the solid wood composite floor. The invention aims to solve the problems of labor consumption and easy generation of noise and unsafety in cutting solid wood composite floors with saws in the prior art, and provides a floor saw for sale.

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