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  • The 5th Bycon Day
    Time flies to the 5th anniversary of BYCON Day, the spirits of this day are benifiting activities for society and also enhancing team spirit.Gathered under the morning sun, our company embarked on a day of unity and shared experiences, starting with a visit to a nearby aged care facility. As we step
  • Brushless Motor DMP-252B Launched
    Brushless Motor 3000w DMP-252B launched,for more information please check below video
  • Happy National Day


Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Download
General Catalogue Of Bycon Products 2023 28.32MB 107 2023-04-10 Download
Diamond core drill machines.pdf 12.80MB 379 2022-03-29 Download
Diamond Core Drill Bits.pdf 8.93MB 274 2022-03-29 Download
Thrall petrol tools catalogue.pdf 12.52MB 143 2022-03-29 Download
Report of Assessment_NR-BK19070204 _rev 0 钻机.pdf CE Report 1.34MB 36 2021-04-21 Download
BKC-190701793R-Hangzhou Bycon-Core drilling machine-EN 55014 Rep.pdf CE cerficate of drilling motor 1.87MB 29 2021-04-21 Download
CE of coring motor 086-03-026-00480.pdf CE cerficate of drilling motor 758KB 46 2021-04-21 Download
BKC-190701791R-Hangzhou Bycon-Petrol post driver-EN 61000 Rep.pdf CE of post driver 1.08MB 32 2021-04-21 Download
BKC-190701792R-Hangzhou Bycon-Floor grinder-EN 55014 Rep.pdf CE cerficate of floor grinder 1.26MB 34 2021-04-21 Download
IF130_CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE_086-03-026-00689 杭州百控实业.pdf CE of vacuum pump 724KB 36 2021-04-21 Download
BKC210274JR - Hangzhou Bycon-High Performance Vacuum Pump-EMC Rep.pdf CE of vacuum pump 1.77MB 33 2021-04-21 Download
Report of Assessment_NR-BK19070201_rev 0马路切割机.pdf CE of road saw 1.04MB 28 2021-04-21 Download
CE of Floor saw machine 086-03-026-00481.pdf CE of road saw 719KB 1 2021-04-21 Download
Report of Assessment_NR-BK19070203_rev 0 汽油打桩机.pdf CE of post driver 850KB 24 2021-04-21 Download
CE- THRALL.pdf CE of post driver 734KB 33 2021-04-21 Download
Report of Assessment_NR-BK19070202_rev 0 磨地机 230V.pdf 1.36MB 27 2021-04-21 Download
CE of floor grinder.pdf CE cerficate of floor grinder 748KB 3 2021-04-21 Download
CE of coring motor 086-03-026-00480 - +DMP-500.pdf CE cerficate of drilling motor 30.83MB 43 2021-04-21 Download
DBC-31P.pdf 6.06MB 298 2021-04-21 Download
Diamond blades.pdf 6.06MB 162 2021-04-21 Download

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