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Working Principle of Magnetic Drill Machine

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The magnetic drill machine is a movable and efficient tool for drilling by adsorbing the drilling rig frame and rotary drilling mechanism on the surface of steel workpiece through the magnetic base based on the electromagnetic principle. The magnetic drill machine has two main parts.

The first part: magnetic base, its effect is that after electrification, the magnetic drill machine generates thousands of kilograms of magnetic attraction perpendicular to the bottom of the magnetic base through electromagnetic effect, which makes it firmly adsorbed on the surface of steel plate or structural parts, and plays the role of fixing the machine. The stronger the magnetic attraction, the more stable the body of the magnetic base drill can be at work and drilling holes can be drilled, and the higher the accuracy.

The second part: drilling, which consists of two parts:

1. Fixed part. It is fixed when drilling, and the main function is to control the motor, such as switch speed control gear and so on.

2. The moving part includes the left upper black motor, the left middle gray bracket and the left lower drill head. The whole moving part moves up and down through the manual rotation of the black three-star bracket, which connects the drill head to the steel structure. Open the motor start switch, and the rotor in the machine motor rotates at high speed, drives the transmission shaft to rotate through the transmission gear set, drives the drill bit to rotate, and cuts the drill hole through the drill bit in the need of drilling. Compared with flame cutting, the hole drilled by magnetic seat has high precision, belongs to physical cutting, and does not produce chemical reaction, and does not make the material deform.

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