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Which Crushing Machinery Is Better for Concrete Breaker?

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The compressive strength and hardness of concrete is not high, but because of the composition and porosity of concrete, it has good toughness, and can buffer the crushing force. Therefore, the crushing efficiency is very low. So, what kind of crusher should be chosen for concrete breaker? In the process of waste concrete crushing, according to the working principle of grinding, more broken less concrete crusher equipment requires careful configuration, compared with extrusion method should be used under the crusher, jaw crusher is generally selected as the coarse broken, after coarse broken steps add in addition to the steel and iron equipment, steel, iron removal from the waste concrete. Without affecting production, the damage of steel bar and iron block to the equipment is eliminated. When the secondary crushing is generally selected, the impact-type crusher, fine jaw crusher or cone crusher can crush the material to less than 2 cm, basically reaching the selected particle size. If smaller discharge particle size is needed, three-stage crusher can be used. At this time, fine crushing counterattack crusher or roller crusher can be used to further crush the ore to below 10mm.

In actual production, suitable crusher can be selected according to the size of concrete block, usually used in combination with cone crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher and hammer crusher, and can be used in cooperation with single or multiple units, with features of simple operation, strong controllability and high production efficiency.

However, due to the use of pre-screening needing to increase the height of the plant, when the production capacity of the crusher is surplus, or the use of direct packed feed, no pre-screening. After the use of pre-screening, so that the unqualified grading back to the crusher to check the screening of the crusher production capacity can be improved. However, the adoption of screening inspection will increase investment and complicate equipment configuration in the crushing workshop. Therefore, screening inspection is generally only used in the last crushing section of a crusher, and combined with pre-screening to form a closed cycle of pre-screening.

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