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What should be done to the Heating Motor when using Portable Concrete Crusher

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When using portable concrete breaker, the motor will heat up. Generally, customers will think that this is normal and can ignore, but it is often because of its neglect that other problems of equipment will pccur, so the root cause of the problem can not be found. The following is an analysis of motor knowledge:

Firstly, when purchasing portable concrete breaker, the crusher model must be matched with the motor. If the motor is small or large, it will easily break down, such as the phenomenon of motor heating or even burning down; secondly, we don't underestimate the installation of crusher, and good start is the first step to success. Installation of the breaker should be carried out under the guidance of professionals; furthermore, the crusher motor has too much power, which will produce too high wind speed, and under the high wind speed, it can not reach the outlet and will be blown back, resulting in low output. The repeated crushing of materials back to the furnace will lead to the heat of the crusher motor. If the motor voltage is too low, it will also aggravate the load of the motor, resulting in abnormal calorific value.

Cyclic Load: The working process of portable concrete breaker is carried out in a closed-circuit cycle. By adjusting the discharge outlet and increasing the load in the cycle, the grain shape of stone will be improved. During the whole process, the wear and tear of the equipment in the system will increase due to the increase of the circulating load. But when the discharge outlet is large, the main crushing motor's wear and tear will increase. Load can be reduced and grain deformation of finished products is good. Therefore, it is very important to adjust cyclic load in production.

Feed Size: For portable concrete breaker, different types or models can be processed with different feed sizes. If the feed size is not appropriate, it will also cause the discharging quality not up to the standard. For example, when the feed size is reduced from 100 mm to 50 mm, the volume of the needle flakes in the finished product is reduced by 38%, so the feed size should meet the requirements of production equipment.

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