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What is a Magnetic Drill?

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The magnetic drill is also called magnetic base drill, magnet drill, magnetic electric drill, iron absorption drill, suction drill, suction base drill, steel plate drill. The magnetic field is generated by the current changing at the bottom of the magnetic drill after electrification, which is adsorbed on the steel structure. Then the high-speed operation of the magnetic drill motor drives the drill bit to drill the steel structure.

The magnetic drilling is mainly produced by the urgent need for the magnetic drilling in the field practice. Firstly, when people want to work in the field and at high altitude, they need to punch and tap vertical steel structures, and when they need to tap inverted holes, they need to consume a lot of physical energy to fix the drilling machine, or they can not fix the drilling machine at all. Secondly, it is precise drilling and tapping as indoor machine tools, but manual tools can not achieve precise.

Work practice urgently needs a tool:

1. It is light in weight and very suitable for field and high altitude operations.

2. When it starts drilling and tapping, it can adsorb itself on the steel structure, and no one needs to fix it.

It's a magnetic drill, a metal processing tool that absorbs precise drilling holes, tapping holes, cutters and countersinks on steel structures.

Functions and advantages

1. It has a wide range of applications. For example, it can be operated through a two-gear mechanical gear transmission with two electronic speed levels.

2. Quick key-free replacement system, which can quickly complete tool replacement without wrench.

3. By means of the non-polar adjustment function of the double swallow-tail guide rail, the longer bit can be used without removing the machine from the processing parts.

4. Compact structure, light weight and high efficiency.

5. FEIN high-power motors with strong torque.

6. Electronic equipment of tachometer for adjusting speed.

7. The suction elevating device of the electronic magnetic base.

8. Cooling lubricant integrated device.

9. Electronic overload protection.

10. Prevent power failure from restarting.

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