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What if the Ground is too Hard? What Kind of Floor Grinder should we Choose?

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Curing technology is widely needed, and now concrete ground reconstruction has become a trend. As we all know, concrete ground is easy to cause problems such as hemp surface, honeycomb and insufficient strength due to construction errors. And the phenomenon of dust and sand on the ground will occur after long-term use of aging weathering. Therefore, chemical hardening and mechanical polishing are needed to form a high hardness, high density and high brightness ground. In this process, as the main equipment, floor grinder undertakes the function of ground grinding.

Floor construction, according to the different ground conditions, the choice of floor grinder is also different. So if the ground is too hard, what kind of floor grinder should be chosen in the construction process to grind down easily?

Hangzhou Bycon Industry Co., Ltd. continuously develops and innovates more advanced floor grinding equipment based on floor experience and customer cases. Among them, DFG-480 has good cutting force and can be adjusted according to the response of grinding depth to cope with hard ground. Moreover, the DFG-480 driving self-walking grinding method is easy and labor-saving, and the grinding efficiency is higher.

So if you encounter hard ground, grinding can not go on, do not panic, choose the driving floor grinder DFG-480, you can easily finish the grinding work.

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