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What factors will influence the Breaking Capacity of Cordless Concrete Breaker

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Cordless concrete breaker generally handles larger pieces of material, and the product size is coarser, which is usually greater than 8 mm. Its structural feature is that there is a certain gap between the fragments and they do not contact each other. Cordless concrete breaker can be divided into coarse crusher, medium crusher and fine crusher. Generally speaking, the material processed by the grinder is finer, the product size is fine, up to 0.074 mm, or even finer. Its structural characteristics are that the crushing parts (or media) contact each other, and the medium used is steel ball, steel bar, gravel or ore block, etc. But some machines have both crushing and grinding functions, such as self-grinding machine. ∮5.5 *1.8 m, the upper limit of particle size of ore treated by autogenous mill can reach 350-400 mm, and the fineness of product can reach - 200 mesh accounting for about 40%.

Then what factors will influence the breaking capacity of cordless concrete breaker?

1: Hardness of raw materials. If the hardness is high, it is difficult to break up.

2: Moisture-regulating material, that is, if the material contains higher water, it is easy to attach to the breaker, and insert when the material is transported in the process.

3: Output size. When the output size is small, the capacity is low.

4: Composition of materials. If it is in the powder of the raw material, it may reduce the capacity. Because the powder will stick easily, the powder content should be screened before smashing.

5: Viscosity of materials. That is, high viscosity is easier to adhere.

6: Quality of vulnerable parts (such as hammer, jaw plate). If there are any good shortcomings in the fast wear area, it will reduce the downlink capacity.

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