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What are the safety precautions for floor grinders?

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Before mentioning floor grinder for sale, we will take about its safety precautions.

1. There is a certain safety risk in the use process of grinders. No one is allowed to use the grinders except the skilled maintenance personnel.

2. Carefully check the protective cover and auxiliary handle before using the grinder. They must be intact and free from looseness. Do not use mismatched grinding wheels and protective covers.

3. Pay attention to whether there is moisture and missing angle before installing the grinding wheel piece. The installation must be firm and free from looseness. It is strictly prohibited to knock the grinding wheel clamping nut with other external tools without using special tools.

4. The power socket used must be equipped with anticreeping switch device, and check whether the power cord is damaged.

5. Before using the grinder, it must be turned on and tested to see if the grinding piece is running smoothly and normally. Check the degree of wear on carbon brushes. These shall be replaced by professionals in due course and can be used normally only after it is confirmed to be correct.

6. The grinding direction of the grinders during operation is strictly prohibited to the surrounding staff and all inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, so as not to cause unnecessary damage. Keep the workplace clean and tidy. Use it correctly to ensure personal and property safety.

7. When using the grinders, remember not to use too much force, but to use slowly and evenly to avoid the phenomenon of grinding pieces crashing. In case of sticking of grinding pieces, lift the grinder immediately to avoid burning the grinder or causing unsafe hidden dangers due to the grinding pieces crashing.

8. Grinding wheels are only used for recommended purposes. It is forbidden to grind the side of the cutting wheel.

9. Grinders without protective covers are strictly prohibited. Grinders with loose protective covers that cannot be fastened are strictly prohibited or repaired in time by specially assigned personnel. It is strictly prohibited for parties to dismantle grinders without authorization.

10. The grinding wheel shall be an undamaged grinding wheel flange with appropriate specifications and shapes.

11. Do not use the worn grinding wheel remaining from other power tools.

12. Be extra careful when " blind cutting" into walls or other blind areas.

13. Supporting plates or oversize workpieces will reduce the risk of grinding wheel jamming and rebounding.

14. When sanding, please do not use oversize emery paper. The emery paper should be used as recommended by the manufacturer.

15. Do not put too much load on the wire brush. To prevent the wire from being thrown out of the brush and causing potential safety hazards.

16. Do not use cutting pieces for rough grinding.

17. Grinding wheel consists of hundreds of pieces is recommended.

18. When cutting metal, be sure to install a protective cover to protect the cutting work.

19. When the grinder works for a long time and the body temperature is over 50 ℃ and feels hot, please stop the machine immediately and use it after natural cooling.

20. Wear protective glasses and dust masks before operating the grinder. No operation is allowed if the protective measures are not in place.

21. When replacing the grinding wheel, the power supply must be turned off, and the grinding wheel can be replaced only after it is confirmed to be correct. Special V - belt must be used for disassembly and cutting. It is strictly prohibited to knock and beat indiscriminately.

What we mention above are precautions customers should be informed by manufacturers providing floor grinder for sale.

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