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What are the main Characteristics of Magnetic Drill Machine?

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The main structure of magnetic drill machine consists of four parts: motor, magnetic seat, gear box, control circuit, etc. The speed regulation of magnetic drill can be divided into stepped speed regulation and stepless speed regulation. The advantage of stepless speed regulation is that the speed can be changed without stopping the machine.

In the case of electrification, the switch on the magnetic seat of the magnetic drill machine generates thousands of kilograms of magnetic force through electromagnetic effect, which can be adsorbed on the steel plate and structural parts to play the role of a fixed machine. The stronger the adsorptive capacity of the magnetic seat, the more stable the body of the magnetic seat drill and the higher the drilling accuracy. When the rotor part of the machine switch of the magnetic drill machine is rotated at high speed, then the drive shaft rotary drill is driven by the drive gear set to drive the drill bit movement. The drill bit is used to cut the drill hole in the need of drilling. Compared with the flame cutting hole, the drill hole has high precision, belongs to physical cutting, which does not produce chemical reaction and does not let the material happen the deformation. In addition to the traditional twist drills on the market, there are also hollow drills specially used for magnetic drills. This kind of drill uses the principle of milling cutter, which has high efficiency and good precision.

Most traditional twist drills can only drill 32 mm, while coring drills can drill 50 mm-100 mm. The efficiency of hollow magnetic drill is 3-10 times faster than that of general twist magnetic drill. At the same time, the use force of the operating machine is much less, because there is no bit concentricity and the problem of sloshing is more accurate, but hollow magnetic drill can only drill through the hole. Hollow drill is a very efficient drilling method. It is faster, quieter and more accurate than twist drill. It can drill large holes on steel plates with different thickness with very little power, and it can be completed quickly. It does not need pre-drilling and replacement of drill bits. The drilling efficiency of hollow drill is 40% higher than that of solid twist drill bits.

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