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Types of Drill Bits

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A drill is a tool with rotating and cutting ability at the end. It is usually made of carbon steel SK or high speed steel SKH2, SKH3, etc. after milling or rolling, quenching and heat treatment, and then grinded. It is used for drilling on metal or other materials. It can be used in drilling machine, lathe, milling machine, hand drill and other tools. Bits can be divided into the following types according to different types:
A. Classification bystructure
1. Integral bit: The top, body and handle of the drill are made of the same material as a whole.
2. End-welded bit: The top part of the drill is welded by carbide.
B. Classification by drill handle
1. Straight shank bit: The diameter of drill bit is less than 13.0 mm and straight shank is used.
2. Taper shank bit: The shank of the bit is tapered. Generally, the taper of the shank is Mohs taper.
Selection ofbitmaterial: When drilling holes in wood materials and using woodworking bits together, woodworking bits have a large sales volume and require little hardness of tools. Tool materials are generally high-speed steel (HSS). High-speed steel hollow bit, also known as coring bit or opener, bit classification: high-speed steel bit, carbide bit, magnetic drill machine bit, tungsten steel bit; Cutting depth: 35MM, 50MM, 100M; Suitable for drilling rigs: imported magnetic base drills, magnetic drills, domestic magnetic base drills, magnet drills, iron suction drills, steel plate drills, machine tools, bench drills, seat drills, etc.

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