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Three Common Troubleshooting Methods Of Breaker Drill Machine

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Breaker drill machine is the main equipment of mining equipment. It is mainly for breaking up stones of different sizes. There are following kinds of breaker drill machine: jaw breaker drill machine, impact breaker drill machine, impact breaker drill machine, double roll breaker drill machine, hammer breaker drill machine and cone breaker drill machine, etc. Due to the poor working environment and high bearing strength of breaker drill machine, it is necessary for users to master the troubleshooting methods for common faults of breaker drill machine. Here I would like to introduce three common troubleshooting methods of breaker drill machine.

Three malfunctions of breaker drill machine

1.Maintenance of bearing faults
2.Maintenance of shaft faults
3.Maintenance of stator and rotor core faults

Worn parts of maintenance of bearing faults

The shaft is supported by the bearing rotation, so it is a heavy load of its own parts, and it is a easily worn part.

Maintenance of shaft faults

(1)Abrasion axle diameter: if the abrasion of axle diameter is not evident, a layer of chromium can be plated on the axle diameter, and then grind it to the required size. If the abrasion of axle diameter is evident, it can be surfacing on the shaft diameter and then cut and polish it on a lathe. If the abrasion of axle diameter is extremely evident, cut 2-3mm on axle diameter, put the sleeve on the axle diameter while it is still hot and cut it into the required size.

If the breaker drill machine does not bend too much, it can be repaired by polishing the shaft diameter and sliding ring. If bending exceeds 0.2mm, the rotating shaft can be placed under the press and apply pressure correction to it at the bend. The surface of the corrected shaft is machined and polished with a lathe after correction. If the bending is too large, a new shaft is needed.

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