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The unit of measurement often used in floor grinders

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In some practical work, inch is used as the main unit of measurement. One inch is equal to 15.4 mm. There are many kinds of technical performance indexes for measuring tools. The two most common ones are division value and measurement range. The division value is the measured value represented by each scale spacing of the measuring tool, and the measurement range is the measured range from the smaller value to the larger value of the measuring tool.

We have floor grinder for sale and we will talk about its measuring tool. Floor grinder measuring tool is mainly used to measure the size, shape and installation position of machining parts. Measuring tool is an important factor and also a particularly important aspect to ensure the machining accuracy and product quality of parts. According to its use and characteristics, measuring tool can be divided into the following three types:

1. Standard measuring tools. This kind of standard measuring tool is usually a gauge block.
2. Special measuring tools, mainly caliper gauge and plug gauge, are commonly used in special measuring tools.
3. Universal measuring tools mainly include Vernier caliper, micrometer and dial indicator.
It is necessary to keep the eyes directly facing the values measured by the grinder, and no deviation is allowed. We have floor grinder for sale and your purchase will be welcome.

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