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The repair methods for jaw plate abrasion of jaw crusher

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Concrete breaker is also called jaw crusher. For example, petrol concrete breaker is also called petrol jaw crusher.

The crushing cavity of the jaw crusher consists of two jaw plates, namely a movable jaw and a fixed jaw. The jaw plate of jaw crusher is relatively fast abraded. The middle and lower parts of jaw plate, especially in the lower third, are seriously abraded, while the upper part is less abraded. Abrasion of jaw plate will affect the working efficiency of jaw crusher. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the worn jaw plate. The specific repair method for jaw plate abrasion of jaw crusher is as follows:

First, the material sampling inspection. After sampling inspection of each batch of incoming materials, if it is found that the properties of the materials fluctuate greatly, the main parameters of the crusher, such as jaw angle, eccentric shaft rotation speed, output and motor power, shall be adjusted in time to adapt to the incoming materials and reduce jaw abrasion.

Second, fasten the jaw plate during installation. Pay attention to fastening the newly installed jaw plate and ensure smooth contact between the jaw plate and the surface of the machine body (movable and fixed jaws). A layer of lead plate, plywood, cement mortar and other materials with better plasticity can be padded between the two surfaces. The assembly requirements for the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate are that the tooth peaks of one jaw plate are aligned with the tooth grooves of the other jaw plate, that is, the movable jaw plate and the fixed jaw plate are in a basic meshing state.

Three, reasonable selection of jaw material. Jaw plates shall be made of high hardness materials to resist extrusion micro-cutting failure. Materials with enough toughness are selected to resist fatigue failure caused by chipping impact. At the same time, the structure of the toothed plate has been improved to reduce the relative movement between the material and the toothed plate. Since the jaw plates are usually made in a symmetrical shape up and down, the worn-out lower jaw plates can be used upside down during minor repairs. The jaw plate of large jaw crusher (including petrol concrete breaker) is made up of several pieces, which can be used mutually to prolong the service life of the jaw plate.

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