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The Knowledge of the Petrol Breaker Must Be Known

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First, the selection guide for the steel brazing of petrol breaker

1. One-head steel brazing: It is suitable for excavation and trenching operations of various soft and neutral layered rocks.

2. Crosshead steel brazing: It is suitable for the crushing of fine and neutral concrete and soft non-stratified rock.

3. Flat-head steel brazing: It is suitable for the crushing of medium-hard stones or broken small stones, making it smaller in a step.

Second, the replacement of the steel brazing of the petrol breaker

1. First remove the anti-retracting pin and the 330mm long steel brazing pin. When reinstalling, put the steel brazing right and insert the steel brazing pin;

2. When reinstalling the steel brazing, proceed in the reverse order of disassembly. First check the wear and tear of each component.

If the steel brazing is deformed, it should be ground and repaired, then the steel brazing pin and the steel brazing active part are coated with lubricating oil, and then the steel brazing is installed;

If the steel pin is severely deformed, it will be difficult to replace the steel braze, so check the steel brazing pin every 100-150 hours of work!

Third, the direction of the steel brazing of the petrol breaker

The direction of the steel braces and the arm should be the same, and the rock surface of the steel brazing and working should be as perpendicular as possible. If the steel brazing and the rock surface are not perpendicular, the steel brazing may slip during the work. When crushing, firstly, the steel brazing is completely adjusted, and in the case of stability, the hitting point of the rock is selected for the impact operation.

Fourth, the precautions in the operation of the petrol breaker

1. The efficiency of the petrol breaker can be improved by using appropriate downward force.

2. Adjust the position of the petrol breaker. When the impact of the petrol breaker cannot crush the rock, it should be moved to a new working position.

3. The crushing operation must not be carried out continuously at the same position. If the permanent operation is performed at the same position, the temperature of the steel brazing will rise, the hardness will be lowered, and the lower end of the steel brazing will be rolled up, thereby reducing the working efficiency.

4. Do not use steel brazing as a lever.

5. In the case of underwater installations, work in the water is prohibited.

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