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The Installation and Maintenance of Portable Magnetic Drilling Machines

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The maintenance of portable magnetic drilling machines is a part that every customer must learn. The inability to maintain the portable magnetic drilling machines can seriously affect the service life of the portable magnetic drilling machines and the accuracy of the drill. First, the installation of magnetic bits is reduced.

1. Install the drill bit: When installing the drill using a keyless converter, make sure the drill is installed correctly. Use the left hand to screw the quick change drill to the left and the right hand to align the drill vertically. Lift the hole in the drill bit to the end and gently turn the drill bit with your right hand. "Click" means that you have properly installed the drill hole. If you need to remove the drill bit, turn the quick change drill to the left, then turn from left to right, and pull the drill vertically with your right hand.

2. Adjust the inlet fastening: After using for a period of time, if it is found that the inlet stroke of the drill bit is not directly controlled by the handle, open the iron cover and tighten with a hex nut.

3. Overload: If the machine overload lasts longer than 10-16 seconds, the machine will automatically disappear. In this case, you can turn off the motor switch and then turn the motor switch on again to resume normal operation. Also, if you turn off the power while using the unit, turn off the motor switch after the call, then turn the motor switch back on to resume normal operation.

4. Feeding: Reduce the speed when drilling. When the drill bit is completely eaten, the forward speed increases. Do not turn off the engine while drilling. If the drill bit is stuck in the hole, turn off the motor and gently loosen the drill with a wrench.

5. Use of coolant: When drilling holes in the plane, use a coolant to cool the drill. When absorbing the top or side holes, do not use coolant to prevent coolant from flowing into the hollow holes and causing a short circuit.

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