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The Following Steps Are The Production Method Of Epoxy Grinding Floor

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1. Surface grinding: large grinding machine is used to grind the surface of concrete or ceramic tile or stone material to remove the soft surface layer and dirt.

2. Vacuum cleaning: use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface, crevices and corners of the construction area.

3. Coating primer: apply the epoxy primer evenly to the substrate by scraping or roller coating. Repeat this step if necessary.

4. Scraping the sand in floating coat: sand the floating coat with sandpaper or alloy abrasive.

5. Floating coat grinding: grinding the cured medium coat with sandpaper or alloy abrasive disc.

6. Putty powder in floating coat: epoxy resin mixed with a certain proportion of quartz powder, apply them to the floating coated mortar coat after uniform scraping and polishing with a flat tooth trowel. If necessary, add some thinner (such as xylene, etc.) to adjust the construction performance.

7. Surface coating: there are two kinds, self-leveling epoxy resin floor paint and thin coating paint. The former uses 2mm trowel with teeth trowel scraping, which belongs to the thick coating type. The latter uses solvent - resistant roller uniform coating, which belongs to the thin coating type.

8. Anti - static type epoxy resin floor also has the step of laying copper foil. Light anticorrosive type floor has the step of laying fiber cloth. Colored sand epoxy floor has the step of sanding, sand compaction and grouting.

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The Following Steps Is The Production Method Of Epoxy Grinding Floor

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