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The Choice of Petrol Jackhammer Can Make Your Work Worry and Live Well

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For many professional workers, it is important to choose a petrol jackhammer for your own use. This can have a multiplier effect. There are certain requirements for selecting electric picks according to the type of work. Some electric picks are large, and some electric picks are small. Different tools are chosen for different needs.

Petrol jackhammers are generally impact devices consisting of eccentric shafts, connecting rods, compression pistons and impact pistons. Through the eccentric shaft, the connecting rod drives the steam piston to reciprocate in the cylinder, so that the hammer hits the tail end of the tool at a high hitting frequency, causing the hammer to strike forward. Petrol jackhammers have a strong impact capability, so petrol jackhammers are mainly used for concrete crushing, leveling, digging and chipping. Commonly, there are cracks in the concrete of the road, the demolition of the wall, the slotting of the water and electricity installation, and the like.

For large projects and high-intensity work, it is necessary to choose petrol jackhammers with high power and high impact frequency. The high impact frequency allows the petrol jackhammer to quickly complete the crushing operation. Generally, the power of electric power products on the market is about 900W to 1500W.

Single hammering force of petrol jackhammer

The single hammering force of a petrol jackhammer refers to the strength of a petrol jackhammer impact. It determines the degree of fragmentation. The single hammering force is greater, and the work efficiency is higher. Therefore, when selecting a petrol jackhammer, the single hammering force of the hammer is also very important.

The quality of petrol jackhammers is very important. The greater the power, the stronger the single hammering force, the more impact on the life of the petrol jackhammer. When choosing a gasoline portable drill, you not only need to see the impact strength and power of the electric pick, but also the brand and quality of the gasoline portable drill. For multi-party comparisons, consult the user to find out the quality of the petrol jackhammer.

In a word, under high-intensity work, when choosing a petrol jackhammer, you must select some petrol portable drill products with high impact frequency, high power and good product performance, and the efficiency will be improved. At the time of use, the accessories of the petrol jackhammer are also a major factor in improving work efficiency. The bit of a petrol jackhammer should be sharp and not blunt. Only a sharp drill bit can improve work efficiency. I hope everyone will remember the three main points of choosing a petrol jackhammer. Choosing a good product saves time, effort, and worry, and makes money faster, and life is getting better and better.

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