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The Characteristics of a Full-automatic Core Drilling Machine

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The full-automatic core drilling machine has a very good function of automatic detection and an automatic alarm device. Therefore, it will automatically stop and give an alarm when there is material shortage or material jam during processing. It also has the output value counting setting, as long as you set the specified number of holes as required, the machine will automatically stop and give an alarm when the set number is reached.

The full-automatic core drilling machine has a very good bit protection device. This device should not be underestimated. It can perfectly and automatically detect the abrasion strength of the drill bit and protect the drill bit well. When the drill nozzle breaks, it will start the self-protection device to automatically alarm and stop. Thus, the situation of material idling and mixing in the absence of the operator can be effectively avoided. Therefore, it will not cause damage to the equipment and the safety performance is also good.

The processing speed of the full-automatic core drilling machine is also very fast, the rotating speed of the main shaft is 50 - 4300 per minute. The computer main board can set the drilling speed according to different data, so the production efficiency can be effectively accelerated, and the quality can also be guaranteed. If the processing head is not sharp during the processing, the machine will give an immediate alarm and remind people to replace it.

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