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  • Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
    Lunar May, the rainy season start in the south china, the sky seems to shed all its tears for a poet called Qu Yuan. Lunar May, the traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, dragon boat, Zongzi.... We remember a poet named Qu Yuan....Bycon, as a modern enterprise, rooted in traditional Chinese cult
  • We Never Slack Off in Our Pursuit of Excellence
    Quality is the life of an enterprise, BYCON knows this. At the beginning we put quality in the first place, and the quality management is the implementation of quality. In May, we usher in the annual ISO audit. We never slack off in our pursuit of excellence!


The 5th Bycon Day

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Time flies to the 5th anniversary of BYCON Day, the spirits of this day are benifiting activities for society and also enhancing team spirit.Gathered under the morning sun, our company embarked on a day of unity and shared experiences, starting with a visit to a nearby aged care facility. As we stepped into the serene space where wisdom and stories intertwined, a sense of reverence settled among us.01


In the afternoon, drove to the near park and start roblem-solving challenges, which sparked ingenuity to collaborative games that fostered teamwork, we discovered the beauty of synergy in action. Each activity became a canvas for us to paint our collective aspirations, learning to trust, support, and align our efforts toward a common goal.


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