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Responsibilities for Safety Production in Workplaces

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1. Check the tools and equipment used before work, clean up the work site, find problems and solve them in time.

2. It is forbidden to overhaul the equipment in operation. Before overhaul, the operator must be contacted well (special equipment must be put on the overhaul plate). After the overhaul, all safety facilities can be restored before commissioning.

3. When working at high altitude, fasten your seat belt and tie it to a firm position. Tools and materials used are forbidden to be thrown up and down. Safety warning signs and guardians should be installed on the ground of the work site.

4. When assembling bearings, it is forbidden to quench the workpiece and knock directly.

5. In assembly engineering, finger testing is prohibited.

6. When hammering, don't wear gloves, and check whether there are any people and obstacles in the hammer path. It is forbidden to use big or small hammers as cushions.

7. The mobile hand lamp must be a low-voltage safety lamp under 36 volts.

8. When overhauling a crane, it is necessary to cut off the power supply, hang up the overhaul plate and prohibit crawling on the crane track.

9. When using cranes, proper rope buckles should be adopted. Check carefully before use. When lifting, swing several times several centimeters from the ground. When many people work, they should be directed by a special person.

10. When using petrol jack hammer, the top cushion should be flat. It is forbidden to use fragile articles such as cast iron.

11. When scraping and grinding, the workpiece must be stable. When two or more people operate, they should pay attention to the direction of the scraper. It is forbidden to scrape face to face at the same time.

12. Use wrenches, shovels, files and other tools correctly according to technical requirements and standards.

13. When using gasoline and oil to clean parts, fireworks are prohibited at the work site, and waste oil should be poured to the designated place. Hangzhou Bycon Industry Co., Ltd. has petrol jack hammer for sale all year round. Welcome to order.

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