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Procedures And Matters Needing Attention Of Municipal Road, Pipeline Construction

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Main construction procedures:

1. Preparation; construction stage; spread a coat of oil over it; bottom oil spread;grind; maintenance traffic control

2. Asphalt concrete surface construction:Construction of asphalt concrete surface layer is divided into two layers. It adopts the method of centralized mixing in the material yard, dump truck transportation and spreader on site. 

The following are the specific methods:

3. Preparation:

(1) Check and clear the base course: inspect and clean the base course before laying asphalt concrete to ensure it is firm, smooth, clean and dry. Carefully check the kerb, well and storm water inlet. Prepare overhaul construction tool and see if it is in good condition.

(2) Construction lofting: Set an elevation control point every 5~10M transverse along the middle line of the road, and draw a roadside elevation ink line on both sides of the kerb stone to grasp the height and prevent water.

(3) Treatment combined part: the old surface must be cut vertically and neatly before spreading to ensure smooth grafting when connect the new road and old road. Before spreading, smooth old stubble should be evenly coated with oil to facilitate the combination of old and new materials.

4. Paving test of road section

Before asphalt large area of construction, try to pave the road that is in test. Formulate the paving plan for the test paving road section according to the construction organization design and the actual progress of the project. The length of straight line in test paving road section can not be less than 200m. The construction of test paving road section is divided into two stages: trial mixing and trial paving. The contents to be verified include:

a. Operation mode of paver: spreading temperature, spreading speed, method and intensity of preliminary vibrating compaction, automatic leveling method, etc.
b. Selection, combination, compaction sequence, rolling temperature, rolling speed and times of 
diesel plate compactor

5. Transportation of asphalt mixture

Asphalt mixture is transported by large tonnage dump truck. During transportation, asphalt should be prevented from bonding with the carriage plate. The carriage should be cleaned and the side plate and bottom plate of the carriage can be coated with oil and water.

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