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Preparation of Core Drilling Rig Before Operation

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Before starting the drilling rig, the following preparations shall be made to ensure the smooth construction:

1. Detection of construction site: use detection instruments to detect the direction, buried depth and nature of the original underground pipe network, and make marks; then use municipal archives, artificial field exploration and other methods to verify.

2. Check that the oil level of the hydraulic oil tank shall not be less than 1 / 2 of the oil standard; fill in sufficient lubricating oil or grease according to the requirements of the lubricating parts of the drilling rig.

3. Do a good job in the maintenance of the diesel engine, change the three filters and engine oil regularly, add antifreeze to the water radiator of the diesel engine, and change it regularly. Before start-up, check whether the diesel oil is full, whether the antifreeze is sufficient, whether the oil level is normal, and whether the battery electrolyte is sufficient. Confirm that the diesel engine throttle is in idle position.

4. Check whether the handle of each valve and all electric switches of the hydraulic system are in the middle position, and whether the handle of the mud pump is in the neutral position.

5. Confirm whether the operation of the guiding instrument is normal, the battery capacity of the instrument and the probe is sufficient, and the accuracy of positioning and orientation information (top angle and tilt angle).

Before guiding construction, pay attention to the following tips:
1. First, the accuracy of the probe
2. Troubleshooting along the drilling rig

It is very helpful to check the environmental interference along the drilling route only with the receiver without installing the probe

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