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Portable Concrete Breaker: Yesterday and Today

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The breakthrough in the design of portable concrete breaker comes from the hydraulic pressure reduction system, which is a relatively new invention. This helps to prolong the service life of portable concrete breaker and shorten the downtime of equipment maintenance. This in turn increases profits and productivity. Hydraulic technology is an invention that enables hard materials such as concrete to be crushed without causing any damage to the machine and contributes to the breakthrough of crusher equipment.

For some time, concrete removed from old buildings, roads and bridges had to be demolished before it could enter the landfill. It is now more advantageous to use portable concrete breakers to crush concrete and convert it into reusable materials. Therefore, the portable concrete breaker can clean and grind the old concrete and apply it to the new projects of the same customer. If the site itself is broken, the process becomes much simpler. Old concrete can be recycled and used as materials for expressways or other uses.

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