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Plastering Trowel

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According to Power Trowel China, plastering trowel has another name in Chinese. It is a tool used by artisans to smooth and apply plaster. The trowel is made of carbon steel, manganese steel and stainless steel, and is made of the same material as putty trowel, and consists of a knife body and a knife handle. As is introduced by Power Trowel China, there are toothed trowels (with sharp teeth, square teeth and solitary teeth ) and flat edge trowels.

(1)Before use
Appropriate types and sizes of trowels shall be selected according to specific construction contents. Different construction objects are generally equipped with different types of trowels to ensure the effectiveness of construction. For example, when paving mosaic tiles, square tooth trowel should be used. Flat edge trowel may cause the tiles aren’t stuck firmly.

(2)Mix putty and cement
If putty and cement are mixed with plastering trowel, they should be used together with putty trowel. Putty slurry and cement are placed on the back of the blade of the plastering trowel, and then putty slurry or cement slurry is evenly scraped and mixed on the blade with the putty trowel.

(3)Flatten the wall
When plastering the wall surface with cement or putty, the plastering trowel shall keep continuous as far as possible, otherwise it is easy to leave irregular slurry on the surface, which will not only be aesthetically unpleasing, but also affect the construction effect. If there is a place where the link is broken by mistake, fill the surface completely with a trowel to ensure the equivalent thickness of the cement layer or putty layer.

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