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New Petrol Concrete Breaker

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At present, most of the portable petrol concrete breakers for railway track bed gravel roads are eccentrically excited and tamped, with low installed power and insufficient impact.

The portable petrol concrete breaker imported from abroad is expensive. Its shock-absorbing reed is easy to break. Or it is glycerin-lubricated, the damping and lubrication effects are not good, and the failure rate is high.

The new gas impact portable petrol concrete breaker has high power, good tamping effect, small armrest vibration and long service life.

The petrol concrete breaker comprises an internal combustion engine, a deceleration crankcase, an impact cylinder, a drive piston, an impact piston, an impact ram clamping cylinder, a cymbal and a handle fixed on the outer wall of the tamping raft. The drive gear in the reduction crankcase is connected to the output shaft of the internal combustion engine through a centrifugal clutch. A crank link mechanism is disposed on the crank gear in the reduction crankcase. A drive piston is fixed to the lower end of the connecting rod in the crank connecting rod mechanism. The impact cylinder is fixed below the retarding crankcase. The drive piston is suspended in the impact cylinder. The outer wall of the impact cylinder is a cylinder block, and the inner side is sleeved with a cylinder liner. A vertical communication groove is provided on the cylinder block. A vent hole is opened in the middle of the cylinder sleeve, and an oil mist hole is opened in the lower end. Both the vent hole and the oil mist hole are in communication with the vertical communication groove. A guide sleeve is fixed on the lower part of the impact cylinder. The guide sleeve is provided with a pore communicating with the oil mist hole. The outer hole of the air hole is provided with an "O" ring. An oil storage tank is arranged at the lower end of the vertical communication groove. A fuel filler port is provided on the outer side of the oil storage tank. The oil storage tank is filled with lubricating oil. The vertical communication slot communicates with the deceleration crankcase. A impact pickup cylinder is connected to the lower end of the impact cylinder. A spring sheath is disposed on the inner side of the upper portion of the impact pickup cylinder. The spring jacket can move up and down. A spring is provided between the spring jacket and the impact piston guide sleeve. The impact piston is placed in the impact cylinder. The piston rod of the impact piston extends through the guide sleeve into the spring in the spring jacket. A pick is provided in the lower part of the impact pickup cylinder. There are tamping tines inserted in the picks. A petrol concrete breaker limit card is arranged on the outer side of the rafter.

The new petrol concrete breaker has the following advantages:

1. The handle has good shock absorption effect and effort saving.

2. It is compact in structure, light in weight and low in manufacturing cost.

3. The impact force is large and the tamping effect is good; the impact cylinder adopts the structure of the cylinder liner, and the oil bath is used for long service life and low failure rate.

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