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My Age of Magnetic Drilling

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Taiwanese youth film My Girl Age has been popular, which has aroused many people's memories. There are many chronological pictures in the film: Star stickers on pencil boxes, tapes on walkmans, skating rinks with flashlights... Of course, there are also some things that have nothing to do with the age. As time goes by, they still stand firm, such as simple and beautiful love in youth.

In the era of magnetic drilling, the timeless is rugged, durable and excellent performance, such as the epoch-making Bycon series magnetic drill.

Today, Hangzhou Bycon Industry Co., Ltd. has launched a revolutionary Bycon series magnetic drill, which is not only rugged and excellent in performance, but also very competitive in price. The Bycon series is based on the essential basic functions and integrates the high-power and powerful motors of Hangzhou Bycon Industry Co., Ltd. Extremely durable mechanical design, long travel range, and twist drilling functions, which are customized for a large number of drills, have become the new standard for economical magnetic drilling.

Three different modes of Bycon series products provide the best model for any workshop and site construction. All Bycon series machines are trustworthy.

Advantages of Bycon product line:

High power and powerful motor provides enduring power for reliable and economical drilling operation.

Solid machine structure design, suitable for harsh working environment;

It can optimize the speed and long travel range.

Gravity cooling system provides better processing performance and longer service life.

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