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Metal Bonded Diamond Tools

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Metal bonded diamond tools have the characteristics of high strength, good formability, and can meet the requirements of high speed grinding and ultra precision grinding. It is widely used in the grinding of hard and brittle materials.

Metal bonded diamond tools are usually made by sintering the main binders such as Fe, Co, Cu and Ni with diamond. Because the covalently bonded diamond crystal has no chemical affinity with the bond and the interface are not wetted, the diamond particles can only be mechanically embedded in the bond matrix.

In the process of working, under the action of grinding force, the matrix metal loses its clamping effect on the diamond and makes it fall off by itself, which seriously affects the service life of the tool and reduces the machining efficiency.

Metallization of diamond surface is a common method to solve this problem. The essence of metallization is to directly coat the diamond surface with carbide forming metals, such as Ti, Cr and Ni, etc. In the sintering process of diamond tool manufacturing, the metallized diamond surface and metal matrix binder realize the metallurgical combination between metals, so as to reduce the falling off of diamond particles in the grinding process.

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