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Mechanical Properties of Fence Post Knocker

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The machine core is integrated, and the whole mold is produced quantitatively, thus greatly improving the stability of the product and ensuring the operation precision of the gate.

Fence post knocker is designed without a fixed direction, so it can turn left and right without limitation. The lifting direction of the brake lever can be changed at will according to the needs. These properties make the fence post knocker be applied in a wider range.

The precise four-bar linkage is adopted to enable the brake lever to make fast and stable action with slow start, gradual stop and no impact, thus effectively reducing the jitter of the brake lever, reducing the motor load and prolonging the service life of the road brake.

The 70W integrated turbo-worm transmission speed reduction asynchronous motor has stable transmission, low noise and compact structure. It realizes self-locking, has no impact during locked rotation, protects the controller and prolongs the service life of the controller;

The manual lock mechanism can automatically lift and lower the brake lever through the motor handwheel in case of power failure without restriction.

Product Performance Characteristics:

1. Special rotating structure, no gear and belt rotation, no maintenance, stable use and longer service life.
2. The specially designed balancing mechanism enables the brake lever to start slowly, run fast and stop slowly, eliminating the jitter caused by the brake lever operation.
3. Non-constant speed movement mechanism makes the brake lever run smoothly.
4. Permanent operation angle of 90-degree of brake lever, can avoid accidents caused by failure resulting from 360-degree operation.
5. Zhiye aluminum casing motor with conjoined design of wave box, which features low noise, fast heat dissipation.
6. The drive mechanism is equipped with an intelligent overheat protection system. Under frequent use, the temperature rise of the motor is controlled to prevent the motor from burning out.
7. The main machine is controlled by imported mechanical limit switches, which avoids the faults of traditional magnetic sensitive switches caused by external environment interference.

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