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Matters needing attention in operation of floor saw cutting machine

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1. Selection of cutting saw blade is very important. Tiles made of different materials need to correspond to different cutting blades. Different cutting blades have different cutting effects due to different peripheral knife edges and different density of carborundum.

2. During the cutting process, the water pipe is aligned with the cutting surface to ensure stable water pressure and avoid tile jumping caused by burning the knife. The burning of the knife is easy to cause tile sticking at the same time. Excessive times of burning of the knife will lead to improper cutting head. Regular inspection is required.

3. In the operation process, sometimes we will forget to open the motor of the operation head, sometimes forget to offer water, and then directly put the tile into the cutting, so when the tiles are turned to the blade, a clamping knife is formed. If the cutting head is not straight after frequent times, it will result in different sizes of the tiles, or serious porcelain jumping or tailing. Therefore, check the cutting head to ensure that it is 90 degrees perpendicular to the cutting table.

4. Ceramic tile deviation results in jumping porcelain and dislocation of front and back results in different sizes of tiles. Therefore, we’d better to use the ruler and the back plate, make the ceramic tile be fixed, ensuring to cut ceramic tile against the ruler on the back plate.

5. After replacing the cutting saw blade, when cutting, we may hear the abnormal noise of the head of the floor saw cutting machine. We can slightly shake the cutting blade when holding it with hands. Tighten the cutting blade with a wrench to prevent it from shaking. It is very common for ceramic tiles to collapse and fall off corners by using floor saw cutting machine. We can analyze and solve these problems from the following aspects:

(1 ) quality problems of ceramic tiles themselves; ( 2 ) the problem of cutting saw blade; ( 3 ) cutting speed of floor saw cutting machine; ( 4 ) whether the cutting blade is bent or not; ( 5 ) whether the cutting platform of floor saw cutting machine is flat or not;(6)Whether the ruler and cutting head are parallel. All of the above phenomena are likely to cause ceramic tiles to collapse and fall off corners by using floor saw cutting machine. All bosses can solve the problem through these aspects. It can also be seen that when the floor saw cutting machine works, it also needs careful operation and maintenance.

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