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Maintenance of Rammer, Compactor And Other Mechanical Engines

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In use process of petrol engine in the set of compactor, due to tamping rammer chassis plate in land surface work, will produce large amounts of dust, which is the internal combustion engine, the air cleaner on the (hereinafter generally referred to as the internal combustion engine) in internal combustion engine inside the body, resulting in the cylinder, burning oil, steam, tile etc. Phenomenon, in reaction to the phenomenon, now write a ramming machine internal combustion engine using the guidelines below:

Maintenance instructions: 1: often open air filter, clean the sponge, sponge dust removing, put the sponge in the gas cleaning, kneading, after fully dry,  install the sponge well, the air cleaner cover again, (such as filter was badly damaged, need to change the new air filter assembly)

2: as a result of rammer work when dust inside the engine oil is also a filtering system of the gasoline engine, please in 12 hours after use, such as poor working environment after 6 hours), the turbine oil (that is, the regular of motorcycle engine oil) from where to join, where sent out again, and join a new formal turbine oil, motorcycle oil, engine oil to join standard: after the flat of the gasoline engine, turbine oil in the oil feet to join, add to the oil half feet can!

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