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Maintenance of Petrol Plate Compactor

Views: 28     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-05-09      Origin: Site

As the gasoline engine on the petrol plate compactor works on the land surface during its use, a large amount of dust will be generated, which will be sucked into the internal combustion engine body by the air filter on the internal combustion engine (hereinafter referred to as the internal combustion engine), resulting in cylinder pulling, engine oil burning, power shortage, tile holding and other phenomena.

In view of this phenomenon, the following instructions are specially compiled for the use of internal combustion engines for petrol plate compactors:

1: Gasoline Maintenance Notes: Frequently open the air filter, clean the sponge in the air filter, remove the dust on the sponge, put the sponge in the gasoline to clean and knead dry. After fully drying, remove the sponge, re-install it, and fix the cover of the air filter again. (If the filter element is seriously damaged, a new air filter assembly needs to be replaced.)

2: The oil inside the gasoline engine block is also a filtering system because of the dust when the petrol plate compactor works. After 12 hours of use (e.g. 6 hours of bad working conditions), where do you add the engine oil (that is, the regular motorcycle oil) and where do you release it.

And re-add the new regular engine oil (motorcycle oil), the oil added standard: after the gasoline engine is leveled, the engine oil is added in the place of the oil gauge, add half of the oil gauge!

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