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Law of Development of Road Roller

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(1) The development of compaction machinery (such as upright rammer compactor) is closely related to compaction methods and techniques. Breakthroughs in compaction machinery (such as upright rammer compactor) usually begin with breakthroughs in compaction techniques. This is the basis for creating a new type of compaction machinery that works according to different principles.

(2) The research on the interaction process between compaction machinery and media such as soil and asphalt mixture provides strong theoretical support for exploring new compaction methods and technologies.

(3) The rise of modern new technological revolution, especially the rapid development of high technology such as microelectronics, automatic control and computer technology, guides the development direction of compaction machinery in the future.

At present, in foreign countries, such as the United States and Japan, the tire roller is selected according to the use conditions and TKPH of the tire. This value indicates the heat generation limit of the tire. It is a comprehensive index expressed by the tire's load and running distance within unit time. The rated TKPH value of tires varies according to the specifications, levels and structures of tires. It can be measured on a drum type mileage tester. When selecting tires according to TKPH value, the operation TKPH value of tires is calculated by mechanical speed and load.

Compare operation TKPH with rated TKPH:
1)The tire can be used when its operation TKPH value is lower than rated TKPH value
2)  When the operation TKPH is larger than rated TKPH:
1. To change the operation conditions to reduce the operation TKPH value;
2. To choose tires with higher rated TKPH value.

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