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Installation and Maintenance of Magnetic Drill

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According to the magnetic drill machine manufacturer, maintenance of magnetic drill is a part that every customer must master. If not given attention to maintenance, the service life and drilling accuracy of magnetic drill will be seriously affected. First, the magnetic drill machine manufacturer will talk about the installation of magnetic drill bit.

1. Installation of drill bit: the magnetic drill machine manufacturer recommends that when installing drill bit and drill chuck with key-free converter, care must be taken to ensure that the drill bit is correctly installed. The left hand will release the quick-change drill chuck counterclockwise and screw it to the end. The right hand will vertically align the drill bit with the hole of the quick-change drill chuck and push it up to the end. Then the right hand will gently rotate the drill bit to the sound of " click" to prove that the drill bit has been correctly installed. If you need to remove the drill bit, use your left hand to screw the quick-change drill chuck to the end counterclockwise, and use your right hand to pull the drill bit vertically downward.
2. Adjustment of feed tightness: after using for a period of time, if it is found that the feed stroke of the drill is not controlled by the handle and slides directly, please open the iron cover and tighten the hex nut of the handle with a hex wrench.
3. Overload: If the overload of the machine continues for more than 10 - 16 seconds, the machine will automatically shut down. At this time, the motor switch can be turned off first, and the motor switch can be turned on again to resume normal operation. Similarly, if the power is cut off during the use of the machine, turn off the motor switch first and then turn on the motor switch again to resume normal operation.
4. Feed: Please slow down the feed speed when drilling, and speed up the feed speed after the drilling is completely fed. It is better not to turn off the motor during drilling. If the drill bit is blocked in the hole, turn off the motor and slowly unscrew the drill bit with a wrench.
5. Use of coolant: Please use cooling fluid to cool the drill bit when drilling in a plane. Please do not use any coolant when drilling holes adsorbed on the top or side to prevent the coolant from flowing into the hollow drill and causing short circuit to the machine.

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