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How to install hollow drill bit

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After introducing the installation of the dry core bit, we now talk about how to install hollow drill bit.

1.Right - angle handle: Align the two planes of the handle end with the two screw holes on the main shaft of the drilling machine, tighten with inner hexagon wrench, leaving a slight clearance of 0.2-0.3mm, and transfer the wrench back and forth gently by hand. After confirming that the inner hexagon screw is perpendicular to the two planes, tighten the screw firmly.

2. Universal handle: align the round hole at the handle end with the steel ball in the drill chuck and install it. The universal handle can also be fixed with an inner hexagonal screw, as long as the inner hexagonal screw is vertically screwed on the plane of handle end.

3. Four - hole handle: Turn the safety ring on the main handle clockwise into place, insert the handle end directly and rotate it in a small range until the steel ball enters the round hole.

1) feed speed: the feed speed is generally based on experience, generally 0.08-0.12mm/ turn, or 0.6-1.0mm/ second in numerical terms. The feed speed is a key factor in drilling. Different feed amounts can form different scrap iron, and different scrap iron can change the chip removal performance.

2) Positioning: chisel a certain position in the center of the position to be drilled or mark a cross sign with alloy needle to ensure the accuracy of the drilling position. Note that when the center chisel is used to make the position, please ensure that the center chisel is perpendicular to the surface of the machining workpiece, so as not to affect the smooth discharge of the cutting material core.

3) Start drilling: Please adjust the appropriate rotation speed. Please ensure that the bottom of the magnetic seat of the drilling machine is clean before starting up. Turn on the magnetic seat switch before turning on the motor switch. When the motor is running, turn on the coolant switch at the same time. When the drill bit contacts the steel plate, feed slowly first. After drilling about 1-2mm, feed at the normal speed.

4) End of drilling: turn off the motor and remove the scrap iron wrapped around the drill body with the iron hook after the spindle stops rotating, then continue the operation.

How to deal with core jamming: tap the drill body lightly with nonmetallic materials, or press the material core lightly several times to loosen and eject it, or take down the drill bit and tap the thimble lightly to eject it. Abrasion of cutting tools: under normal cooling, when the color of scrap iron is blue and black, the bit edge should be checked. It is recommended to repair and grind it when the maximum abrasion width is 0.5mm,.

Installation methods vary from dry core bit to hollow drill bit, please pay attention to them.

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