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How to Extend the Service Life of the Cordless Breaker?

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Mastering the correct use method of the machine can not only improve the working efficiency, but also greatly extend the service life and reduce the failure frequency.

Some notes on cordless breaker:

1. Visual inspection before operation

Check the clearance between the rod and its bushing and see if there is any hydraulic oil leakage. Once it is found that the hammer has hydraulic oil leakage, the damaged sealing ring shall be replaced immediately. And check whether the relevant bolts are loose or fall off. If necessary, please tighten or replace them.

2. Proper breakdown force

Appropriate breakdown force shall be used for crushing operation. If the breakdown force is not enough, the impact energy of the piston will not be able to effectively break the stone, so the reaction force of the impact force will be transmitted to the cordless breaker body, thus damaging these components. If the breakdown force is too large, the machine may suddenly tilt at the moment of the gravel, and the cordless breaker will hit the stone violently, which will also cause damage to the cordless breaker. Therefore, during the operation of cordless breaker, pay attention to the breakdown force of cordless breaker.

3. 90 ° to material

During the crushing operation, the cordless breaker shall be kept perpendicular to the material and the rod shall be tightly pressed against the broken object. If the hammering direction is inclined, the steel sheath is easy to slide off during hammering operation, which may cause fracture or seizure of the steel sheath and piston. Therefore, when carrying out crushing operation, the breakdown point should be selected to ensure that the cordless breaker and the material maintain a 90 ° angle.

4. Strike for up to 30 seconds at a hotspot

When you hit at the same point for more than 30 seconds without breaking the target, please change the selected point of the hit and try again. When breaking a particularly hard object, start at the edge. At the same point, continuous strike will cause excessive loss and overheating of the rod.

5. Do not use cordless breaker as crowbar

Do not use cordless breaker to move / pry the stone, which will easily cause the steel sheath of cordless breaker to break and the bracket to be damaged.

If you can use cordless breaker correctly, you can greatly extend its life.

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