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How to Choose the Diesel Plate Compactor Model?

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Over the years, the demand for diesel plate compactor models has also increased in the market for small-scale roller compactors. If you want to achieve a uniform compaction density, you can choose a tire type diesel plate compactor. The tire type diesel plate compactor does not damage the viscosity of the soil during rolling. Each layer of soil has a good combination of each other, and the front wheel can be oscillated, so the compaction is relatively uniform, and there is no uncompacted condition.

If you want to make the road surface smooth, you can choose a full-drive diesel plate compactor. For areas where the compaction capacity of diesel plate compactors is not critical, a diesel plate compactor with a low line load and flexibility can be used. To achieve compaction as quickly as possible, a large tonnage diesel plate compactor can be used to reduce the construction period.

Following the basic situation of the selection of the soil structure, the tire-driven single drum vibrating diesel plate compactor is suitable for rolling non-stick materials such as gravel, gravel, sand and gravel, sandy soil. The double-steel vibrating diesel plate compactor is suitable for compacting asphalt concrete, sand-stone mixture and dry-hard cement concrete. It is the common construction equipment for high-grade roads, urban construction roads, industrial sites and parking lots. The two-wheel light wheel static-rolling diesel plate compactor is suitable for crushing fine soil sand, sandstone, granular asphalt concrete and mixed materials. The three-wheel light wheel static-rolling diesel plate compactor has a heavier weight, and secondly, there is an “iron” effect on the ground, which can make the asphalt pavement and the roadbed smooth and tidy. Therefore, it is suitable for compaction of various non-stick and viscous materials.

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