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Full-Automatic Post Knocker

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The main material of the petrol post knocker is aluminum magnesium alloy. Aluminum alloy pipe is light, strong in bearing capacity, convenient to handle and easy to operate, and is highly praised by the majority of electric power construction units.

The petrol post knocker is composed of three rods, so it is also called a tripod petrol post knocker or a tripod fast post knocker.

The lengths of wire rods that can be assembled by tripod petrol post knocker are: 8m wire rod, 10m wire rod, 12m wire rod and 15m wire rod.
Use of aluminum alloy post knocker: it is used to lift small single pole or general weight parts in the construction of power transmission and distribution lines. Note: The gasoline engine is model 185. The safety factor of post knocker is 2.5.

1. The rod body is made of national standard aluminum alloy tube, with light weight and strong bearing capacity.
2. It is convenient to assemble and disassemble. Using triangular stability, it is easy to erect a pole without ground anchor.
3. Using gasoline engine as power, combined with double pulley blocks. A single person can start the gasoline engine to finish the erecting work.

1. Connect the heads of the main rod (long rod) and the two auxiliary rods with the pins attached to the main rod of the petrol post knocker.
2. Lay the three rods in a triangular shape on the ground, and the joint of the heads of the three rods shall be located at the pole pit.
3. The three construction personnel, each holding a rod body, pushed the machine up and set it up. In order not to make the rod body shift left and right when pushing up, keep the heel of the three rods from leaving the ground, and keep the pushing distance equal when pushing up the three rods.
4. After setting up the tripod petrol post knocker, make sure that the head joint of three rods is perpendicular to the bottom of the pole pit.
5. Transport the pole to the appropriate position

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