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Floor Saw Cutting Machine Is A Highly Efficient Cement Road Cutting Machine with Flexible Operation

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Floor saw cutting machine is widely used in pavement maintenance, airport pavement cutting, communication engineering, and floor drive construction. It replaces different types of blades during use and can effectively cut new and old concrete, cement and asphalt pavement. It can be applied in the highway department, municipal department, construction department, and communication department.

Floor saw cutting machine features:
1. It can be equipped with a variety of different gasoline engines. It is light and stable, with fast speed, simple structure, light weight and stable operation. It is more convenient to be used.

2. It has a high quality gasoline/diesel engine. It is powerful and easy to operate. It can also be operated without power supply, and is convenient and unlimited.

3. The handle can be adjusted according to your needs. It uses a rubber handle wheel that turns the crank to adjust the depth of cut. It uses ergonomic armrests for easy and effortless operation. One person can move the machine.

4. Its fuselage is enlarged and the bottom plate is thickened. It is durable and reliable.

5. It has a blade protection design for easy blade replacement and prevents dust blockage and extends blade life.

6. It comes with a water spray cooling system. The large-capacity rust-proof water tank provides suitable water flow and water volume for the blade, and can be used for a long time without replacement, thereby saving time and avoiding cumbersome watering. Use a water pipe to cool the cutting piece that burns for a long time and prolong the life of the blade.

7. It has a forward guiding rod to ensure that the machine cuts according to the road surface, prevents deviation, accurately locates the cutting depth, realizes accurate cutting, and does not appear skew during traveling.

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