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Flood Season is Coming: a Complete List of Flood Control Equipment

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There are many categories of products in flood control materials, including:

1. Water shutoff types: folding water shutoff wall, aluminium alloy water shutoff wall, flood control sand bag, water absorption expansion bag, assembled sub-embankment, assembled enclosure well.

2. Projectile type: American type projectile, Korean type projectile, long-distance projectile, manual projectile, Marine manual rope projectile, type 75 projectile.

3. Piledrivers: ZL-020piledrivers, ZL-120piledrivers, ZL-200piledrivers,gasolinepiledrivers.

4. Lighting tools/equipment: explosion-proof lighting, portable lighting, floor lighting, mobile lighting, lifting lighting car, headlamp, flashlight.

5. Rescue transportation: amphibious vehicle, FRP charge boat, inflatable rubber boat, lifeboat, hovercraft.

6. Emergency tools: shovel, pickaxe, Engineer shovel, palladium, hoe, 10-pound hammer, machete, square shovel, electric saw, cutting machine, expander, lifeline, jack, plastic bag.

7. Wear equipment: flood fighting clothes, cold raincoats, double straps, life jackets, water shoes, towels, kettles, helmet, oxygen cylinders, diving suits, oxygen masks.

8. Water self-rescue equipment: life buoy, life jacket.

9.Instruments: water concentration measuring instrument, water level measuring instrument, water quality measuring instrument, water level monitoring instrument.

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