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Fence Post Knocker

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The fence post knocker is a kind of highway guardrail steel pipe pile pressing equipment. The machine adopts diesel power and full hydraulic mechanical transmission, which has the characteristics of light driving, high piling precision, durability, energy saving and environmental protection. It is especially suitable for field construction of highway guardrail installation, maintenance and repair.

The fence post knocker is developed by technology research and development engineers and field service technicians according to the actual situation in various working conditions. After continuous research and development and updating, the company develops and produces a new type of full hydraulic piling equipment that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In the installation of highway guardrails of various complex formations, it fully embodies its characteristics of high quality, high efficiency, high energy saving and long life. Our quality inspection department has a strict set of testing procedures and testing requirements to provide a first-class quality assurance barrier. The Bycon fence post knocker is now one of the national quality trustworthy brand products, and has become an indispensable main machine type in the highway guardrail installation project in China. The Bycon fence post knocker has the advantages of accurate piling positioning, fast movement, high precision, long life, fuel saving and environmental protection. It is a new type of equipment for highway guardrails.

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