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Don't Worry About The Security Of The Storage Shifting Any More, There Is A Well- Developed Storage

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It is the winter maintenance period in the north. After the Spring Festival in the south, the cement kiln will be shut down and it is the peak period of inventory clearance demand. At present, there is always the news about robot clearance in the Internet. At present, there is equipment successfully marketed such as warehousing robot, storage shifting machine, breaker drill machine after a long time of research and development.

1. Intelligent warehouse cleaning robot

Intelligent warehouse cleaning robot is aim at this problem: it is difficult and low - efficiency and of poor cleaning effect for cement warehouse cleaning technology, and there is potential personnel safety problem. So, it is designed and developed as the Intelligent integrated equipment. The intelligent cleaning robot solves the potential danger of cleaning, meets the demand of warehouse cleaning, and improves the working efficiency and cleaning time of warehouse cleaning. It can not only easily solve the problem of hard block board hanging wall material, but also reduce or even eliminate the potential danger of casualties.

2. Vertical negative pressure storage shifting robot

Vertical negative pressure storage shifting robot is connected with cement transfer technology in the intelligent cement reservoir. The storage shifting machine is composed of power device, unloading device, separation device, filter device, inlet and outlet material pipeline and electrical control box. Power plant mainly includes motor, belt drive device, blower, safety valve and pressure relief valve.

3. Cement grinder

Cement grinder can well solve the two technical problems of caking material treatment in the cement conveying pipeline of the existing cement plant(one is the short time of using and the other is the incomplete breakage ). It has greatly improves the working efficiency of cement transportation and achieved remarkable results in energy conservation and environmental protection.

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